Practical Applications & Enhancements of AI 

2-days hands-on AI workshop with Nicolas Boitout, PhD and Bogdan Solga

May 27th - May 28th ( MON - TUE) 2024, SOFIA

A Focus1 Event. Join us and learn how to boost the performance of a LLM with your own data, then deploy it in a production-like environment.  

Work with your first AI model 

Explore how to connect it to your own data 

Fine-tune this model and then deploy it responsibly


Why attend?

  • Operational and financial benefits for your team: Attending this hands-on workshop will equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively deploy and leverage LLMs.  

  • Reduce development time and associated costs: Knowledge of LLMs will enable attendees to deploy models more efficiently and responsibly, ensuring AI solutions are both effective and in line with ethical standards. Efficient deployment of LLMs, especially through fine-tuning existing models for specific tasks, can significantly reduce development time and associated costs. Utilizing APIs and pre-trained models can further cut down on resource expenditures. 

  • Develop new products and enhance existing ones: Learning to integrate LLMs into applications will spur innovation, leading to the possible development of new products or the enhancement of existing ones, such as more interactive chatbots or more efficient data retrieval systems. A more efficient chatbot powered by LLMs can improve customer service, leading to higher customer satisfaction and retention. 

  • Get hands-on knowledge and experience: Participants will gain hands-on experience in deploying LLMs, using APIs like ChatGPT, understanding Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), and fine-tuning techniques. These skills are critical in the current AI-driven market.  With sessions like deploying an AI model using Hugging Face Gradio and creating a chatbot with RAG (retrieval augmented generation), participants will gain skills they can immediately apply to their work. 

  • Get expert guidance: Led by seasoned professionals in the AI field, you'll receive insights, tips, and personalized feedback to elevate your understanding and skills. 


  • Enjoy powerful networking: Attending this workshop provides an opportunity to network with peers and experts in the field, fostering collaborations that could lead to new projects or partnerships. 

Who would benefit from attending?

Software Developers and Engineers interested in integrating advanced AI capabilities into applications, deploying LLMs, using APIs, and implementing fine-tuning techniques to enhance their software projects. 

Data Scientists and AI Researchers interested to understand the practical applications of LLMs in their research or projects, particularly in areas like natural language processing (NLP), machine learning model optimization, and responsible AI practices. 

Product Managers involved in product development and management, particularly in tech companies, interested in how LLMs can be used to enhance product offerings, improve user experience, and bring innovative solutions to market.


IT Professionals involved in the deployment and management of AI systems within their organizations, interested in learning about the operational aspects of deploying LLMs, including model optimization and containerization for efficient scaling. 

Innovation Leaders and Tech Entrepreneurs who lead innovation within their organizations or are building new tech startups interested in exploring new capabilities that LLMs can bring to their products or services. 

Mastering AI Models: 

 Practical Applications and 

Enhancements of AI 

An immersive 2-days hands-on workshop with 

Nicolas Boitout, PhD and Bogdan Solga

Delivered by: Nicolas Boitout, PhD


Nicolas’ experience in AI/ML exceeds 20 years. An early adopter of machine learning, he utilized these techniques as a trader in financial markets for top institutions in London and Paris. 

In 2012, Nicolas embraced NLP with his startup, MarketScience. He continued his career in the IT department of Société Générale's Shared Services Center in Bucharest. As a Data Science Manager, he led the adoption of AI across various bank divisions. 

Nicolas is now a senior consultant, serving as a CTO advisor and AI Program Manager for diverse clients. He also co-founded Beyond Business School in Bucharest, which offers Executive Education Programs (Tech MBA: focus on AI and Digital Transformation). 

Nicolas holds a PhD in Quantitative Finance from the University of Orleans, France.

Delivered by: Bogdan Solga

Java & DevOps Trainer and Consultant, with over 17 years of experience in the Java and DevOps ecosystems.

AI enthusiast and proponent, working towards the integration of the AI benefits in our worlds. In his recent professional engagements, he has worked as a Technical Manager, Java Trainer and Software Architecture Consultant, with several large companies – Inditex, Cerner, Canon, Accenture, General Electric.

What you will learn:

Day 1

Kick-start your journey with a comprehensive overview of Generative AI, learning about key concepts like LangChain, Hugging Face and OpenAI. Master the art of Prompt Engineering, deploy your first AI-driven web application and explore a few more advanced concepts like Embeddings and Vector Databases.

Day 2

Delve deeper with hands-on sessions on Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), fine-tune Large Language Models for optimized performance and learn the intricacies of deploying scalable AI applications in production using cutting-edge tools like Azure Containers.


Day 1

  • Intro: Generative AI overview, an overview of the different models and use-cases. Generative AI integration spectrum - from ‘Consume/Buy’ to ‘Build’.

  • AI Landscape - overview of LangChain, Hugging Face, OpenAI, Gradio, etc.

  • Prompt Engineering for developers - use API access to access several LLMs.

  • Expose a Generative AI within a web application, using Hugging Face & Gradio, share it with HG Spaces.

  • Embeddings, Embeddings Providers and Vector Databases overview.

  • Using an LLM and a Vector Database for querying a personal knowledge repository (created from multiple PDFs).

Day 2

  • Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) overview.

  • Adding RAG to our personal knowledge repository.

  • LLMs fine-tuning - making LLMs better. Fine-tuning vs Prompt Engineering.

  • Quantization and other optimization techniques at Inference time.

  • Deploying AI apps in production, using Hugging Face and Azure Containers.

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Prerequisites for Attending:


  • General programming concepts, regardless of the programming language
  • Python knowledge (desirable, but not mandatory)
  • High-level AI domain knowledge (desirable, but not mandatory)
  • Abstract thinking and general knowledge of IT
  • Curiosity



  • Laptop
  • Python 3 installed
  • A Python IDE installed - PyCharm, Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, Atom etc.
  • Google Colab (free) or similar online notebook (SageMaker, JupyterLab)
  • Azure subscription (free-tier)
  • Azure AI studio (free-tier)

Optional (but highly desirable and recommended):

  • a Hugging Face account
  • an OpenAI account
  • Databricks

A Focus1 Event. What makes us different?

This hands-on workshop will equip you and your team with the knowledge and skills to harness the Practical Applications & Enhancements of AI, addressing technical topics and key concepts like LangChain, Hugging Face, OpenAI, Embeddings, Vector Databases, RAG, deploying scalable AI apps with Azure Containers.


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