Fast. Competent. Reliable. 


Real technical trainings for the life-long learner in the modern organization. Since 2017. 

Our Track-Record

Demonstrated history of success, ensuring we have the skills and knowledge to deliver effective training programs. 

Relevant training content

Ability to adapt to different learning styles, industry trends, and evolving technologies, ensuring relevant and up-to-date training content. 

Our Training Programs

Comprehensive curricula that address various aspects of the subject matter, providing learners with a well-rounded understanding. 

Effective learning experience

Tailored training programs to meet the specific needs of individual learners or organizations, resulting in a more targeted and effective learning experience.  

Our Trainers

Train with our instructors for personalized guidance and real-time feedback. While online resources provide flexibility, an experienced instructor ensures deeper understanding, tailored lessons, and immediate clarification of doubts.

Our History

Trainings ONE is part of Learn Valley Ltd. We are a training company established in 2017 in Sofia. 

 Local Expertise. Global Standards.

We have valuable local knowledge and insights into the specific challenges and opportunities of the regional market. We have familiarity with international business standards and regulations. 


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