About us


Our mission is to deliver instructor-led online and onsite courses for professionals who seek intensive and accredited training courses and programs, with high added value and ROI. 

Our portfolio includes technical courses for Software Secure Coding, Software Principles, Software Development, Penetration Testing Principles, Citrix, Microsoft, Linux, IBM, SAP. Our business courses are delivered by some of the best experts across Europe and are designed to equip our customers with the right set of hard and soft skills to improve and succeed in a rapidly changing interconnected world.

We are a member of the Deutsch-Bulgarische Industrie- und Handelskammer (https://bulgarien.ahk.de/).  

Trainings ONE is a brand of Learn Valley Ltd., a professional services company established in Sofia, in 2017. 

Core elements of our delivery

We can highlight a few recurring core elements that band together the otherwise diverse topics for which we offer instructor-led online and onsite trainings, namely: 

  • instructors with extensive practical experience both as specialists in their field and as teachers
  • accredited and verified study materials (digital or paper)
  • curriculum with a rational theory-to-practice ratio (labs, discussions, group assignments)
  • healthy and modern learning environment for onsite trainings (natural light in the training rooms, delicious and nutritious food and of course, no compromise when it comes to the technical provisioning in the training rooms)
  • cutting-edge virtual training environment (GoToTraining Pro and Vedamo) for online trainings.

We listen to our customers and we try to anticipate and meet their training needs. Sometimes we get carried away in our enthusiasm to provide the best and the latest from the global training market. Whenever we succeed and deliver an authentic training at the right moment, we are very, very happy. 

Intensive courses from 1 to 5 days

All the courses and training we deliver are organized in accordance with the best global standards in the training industry. 

Our courses last from 1 up to 5 days, between 8 and 40 training hours. We usually organize courses, seminars, workshops, and trainings during weekdays. 

We work with small groups, typically between 4 and 12 participants in one training session. Ideally, participants would have similar experience, identical interests, and overlapping expectations for the training.


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